A Very Vintage Easter

I have three words for you…VINTAGE CANDY MOLDS!!!!!!

They are a serious addiction of mine. I decorate with them all year round, but my Easter collection is by far my most extensive collection of these rare finds.

This one is my favorite!!! It was a steal too… This giant rabbit mold for $55.00!!!!!!

Vintage candy/chocolate boxes are also another favorite of mine.

This vintage tin picnic basket is one of my favorites, it was a wedding shower present from a family friend, but I love adding it to my Easter decor with some burlap carrots. It has also made it into some of my Easter photo shoots.


Check out the cool carrot can! I also love the vintage egg slicer.


I got 2 of these cool antique egg scales in an auction box for a dollar!

Vintage Easer cards are fun too!


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