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Reuben VS. Rachel

Have you ever heard of the Rachel? It is a twist on the classic Reuben sandwich using turkey rather than corned beef.     Often times when I buy corned beef at the deli (which is pricey),  I run out… (READ MORE)

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5 Reuben Recipes

    Print Reuben Sandwiches Prep Time 5 minutes Ingredients Rye Bread Corned Beef Sauerkraut Thousand Island Dressing Miracle Whip optional Swiss Cheese Instructions Place rye bread on a cookie sheet, one piece for every sandwich you want to make…. (READ MORE)

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Irish Potato Salad

Everyone loves homemade potato salad. This has a tasty, tangy twist that’s sure to leave you wanting more!!!  The week of St. Patrick’s Day I always cook a few corned beef briskets in the crockpot to keep in the fridge… (READ MORE)

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Irish Coffee Gobs

I’ll take an Irish coffee please. This recipe is an amazing Irish twist on a classic chocolate gob. The cake part of the gob was inspired by an Irish whiskey cake, and the frosting is a smooth Bailey’s Irish cream frosting.This tasty… (READ MORE)

Irish Food, Recipes