DIY Designer Nursery

Want the perfect nursery for your baby? The key is making it personal and adding touches of you and your family to the nursery. Often times, the things we love or would love to have in our baby’s nursery are very expensive and out of our price range. I would like to show you a few easy ways to get the same look for your baby’s nursery at ¼ of the cost or less.


The first thing I knew I wanted for my little girl’s room was her crib set from Caden Lane. I found this set on Pinterest and fell in love immediately. The walls in her room are already gray and the trim is white, so I figured the bright color in the sheets would really make her room pop.


I love this crib set; but check out the price.

Crib Sheet- $48.00

Dust Ruffle- $128.00

Changing Pad Cover- $38.00

Extra Crib Sheet- $48.00

Rail Cover- $68.00

Blanket- $49.00

Pillow- $48.00

Boppy Cover- $25.00

Curtain Panels (x4)- $340.00


Total Cost for Caden Lane Crib Set- $792.00


I don’t know about you, but that is way out of my price range to spend on crib sheets and a couple accessories for my baby’s room. But I wanted it sooooo bad. So, I started doing some digging trying to find the same fabric to buy to make it myself. Now, I have sewn curtains and tablecloths and a few little projects I’ve started around the house, but I have never made a fitted sheet or anything of this nature before. However, this is way easier than it sounds and check out the cost of the finished product.


Michael Miller Fabric from Etsy-  $120.00 ($10.00 per yd)

Elastic for sheet and Changing Pad Cover- $6.00

Minky Fabric – $36.00 ($8.99 per yd)

Fabric for Ruffles- $20.00

Thread- $4.00

Pillow- $7.99 (amazon)


Total Cost: $ 194.00

(I did not make the bumper cover for her nursery yet… but the total cost includes all the materials needed to do so.)

dust ruffle

Changing Pad cover

Curtain Ties

Boppy Cover

The Walls:

I also wanted to have her name up on the wall with some cute decorations to personalize her room, but the personalized letters you find are so expensive… $8.00 a letter. I needed 5 letters, so it would have costed me $40.00 plus shipping. So i decided to think outside of the box and I just used cardstock and my cricut to make letters for the wall, I had 5 pieces of white paper and a cartridge I liked, so I had nothing invested until I decided I wanted some glitter added to my letters. I bought white glitter and used adhesive spray glue to get a nice even coating of glue on the letters (if you use a brush and glue from a bottle, you get lines and the letters dry funny). I had the adhesive spray ( elmer’s craft bond spray adhesive) from previous crafts, so all I needed was some glitter to make my project complete. Total cost out of pocket for letters… $10  (for martha stewart craft glitter: which you can use for soooooo many more crafts)


I also wanted something else, besides the letters to put on her wall, so I made 6 paper flowers to make it even more girly.


I will be posting tutorial on how to make all of these things shortly… so stay tuned


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