St. Patrick’s Day

Decorating for holiday’s like St. Patrick’s Day can be so fun, but quite challenging at the same time. I can never find many cute, fun, St. Patty’s Day decorations in stores. So why not make some! Below are a few fun crafts that are cheap and easy to make, along with some fun antiques I found along the way to add to my decorating fun!

Lucky Penny Sign

Pot of Gold Hydrangeas 

Leprechaun’s Teapot

Clover Banner

Quick and Easy Tablecloth

Dollar Tree Finds

These cute wall hangings actually came from Dollar Tree… can you believe it??? Total Cost: $1 each

Flea Market Finds

I have found these fun antiques and trinkets in various shops, flea markets, yard sales, etc. I always like to keep my holiday decorating in mind all year around.